Premium Oils company was established with an ambitious idea to build first full scale RBD coconut oil processing facility in Eastern Europe. Increasing demand for exotic vegetable oil, long delivery periods, volatile vegetable oil market led to a conclusion for a need to offer our customers fast and flexible services with competitive prices. Our main advantage is that we can offer 1 day long delivery to our customers. During time our factory started processing other vegetable oils, such as rapeseed oil, palm kernel oil, shea butter and others.

Our Process

Our crushing facility helps us to control vegetable oil production process from the oil seed to the final product.

Our refinery is aiming to produce the healthiest oils and fats for human consumption, sacrificing the costs for quality. We tend to control our process and apply only mild refining techniques by processing our oils on lowest possible temperatures, thus having a products 100% free of trans-fats, as well GE and 3-MCPD.

Our packing facility is able to fill and pack our oils and fats into various packaging, starting from bulk, IBC totes and Bag in Boxes and as well PET bottles, glass jars or 5L bottles for HoReCa industry.

Our Team

We work with industry professionals who have long term experience in vegetable oil processing and specialty fat manufacturing. We are intensively training our personnel and developing their skills to be best help to our clients. Our goal is to train our team to work on the highest level of efficiency.

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