Our company is offering vegetable oil processing services starting with crushing of various seeds like rapeseed, coconut, cocoa beans, shea and much more with expeller pressing technology, which is not using any solvent based chemical extraction process.


Vegetable oils can be quite delicate products when it comes to refining process. The full potential of vegetable oils can be achieved by applying the proper treatment and choosing the best raw material on the market. With up to 20 years of experience in oils and fats industry we are able to provide tailored solutions to our customers with highest attention to every detail. Our vegetable oil refinery can process up to 6 different types of oils by using such processes as degumming, neutralizing, bleaching and deodorizing. We are able to provide best quality RBD oils with low processing costs.

Private label filling and packing

Currently operating 2 filling lines and closely working with European partners and suppliers our company is able to offer best economically wise solution for your brand. Being flexible we are always looking for new challenges and ready to offer best solution for any kind of packaging, would it be glass jar, plastic bottle or even a canister.

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